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            SERVICE HOTLINE : 86 10 83412591 ext. 8358



            GUODIAN NDT will show at 15TH APCNDT 2017

            Time:2017-08-29 13:30:08 Release people: Browse:


            GUODIAN NDT will show at 15TH APCNDT 2017

            15TH APCNDT 2017 will open at Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Singapore on November 13-17, 2017. The 15th APCNDT is considered the major regional event for the Asia Pacific Federation for Non-Destructive Testing (APFNDT) and its member societies. 

            Guodian NDT will present itself this year with its innovative testing products, including Industrial Endoscope, Rechargeable Magnetic Detector, Alloy Analyzer, Flashlight Camera, and Guard Tour System.

            - Mainly to be exhibited: Industrial endoscope series

            N series, A series, D series, Pipeline Crawler, Panoramic Digital High-definition Endoscope, Eddy Current Endoscope.

            - Mainly to be exhibited: Flashlight series

            GD-2520;  GD-3421HGD-3450H.


            We would be proud to welcome you at our booth ST2 on Nov. 13-16, 2017.






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