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            SERVICE HOTLINE : 86 10 83412591 ext. 8358



            Smart Flashlight

            Model: GD-3451H


                Our all-in-one smart flashlight combines LED, camera, video/audio recording, data transfer and communication and so much more. It is a flashlight, and outputs bright LED light.More importantly, it has all the functions of mobile phone, ie. touch screen,andriod system, camera, Apps, WIFI, making calls, data transfer. CREE LED is used to create bright beam, it has the high-strength magnesium alloy body, and it is waterproof up to IP65. It uses rechargeable lithium battery to operate, and used with other modules such as infrared thermometer, vibration sensor. These brilliant features make the flashlight DVR an efficient and practical testing device for safety and supervision. They find widely used in power generation, coal, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, railway, large venues, fire, police, military, flood control and disaster relief and other industries.


            Technical Specification

            Light source: CREE 3W×2

            Intensity: 140LM×2

            Chip: 1.3Ghz three core

            Resolution: 1080P

            Pixels: 13mp

            Display size: 2.4inch

            Memory: 128G

            Video/picture format: 3GP/JPG

            Battery: 26650 lithium battery 4500mAh

            Waterproof: IP65

            Operation system: Android 5.1


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