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            SERVICE HOTLINE : 86 10 83412591 ext. 8358



            Flashlight DVR



            Our all-in-one flashlight DVR combines LED, camera, video/audio recording, laser pointer and memory card and so much more. CREE LED creates bright beam, the high-strength magnesium alloy body can withstand strong impact, and the Oxidized shell is light, beautiful andportable.


            --LED illumination, video & audio recording, and flash disk functions.

            --Big memory card supports all-day video recording; USB cable for easy direct-to-computer file transfer.

            --Cree LEDs to output 5 light modes, service life up to 100000hrs.

            --High-definition display to support real-time viewing and playback.

            --Automatic shutdown when there is no operation for certain time set to save electricity.

            --Video length setting function.

            --Video sound setting for on and off according to the needs of the work environment.

            --Rechargeable Li-battery with large capacity and long service life, low self-discharge rate, economical and environmentally friendly feature.

            Techinical Data

            Light: 3W +3 W

            Pixels: 12 mp

            Image sensor: 1/3 COMS

            Focal length: 2.31mm

            Focus: 4X digital

            Angle of view: 100 degrees

            Video resolution: 1080P (1920 * 1080)

            Picture resolution: 4032*3024

            Video compression format: H.264

            Video format: MOV

            Photo format: JPG

            Battery capacity: 4500mAh or 8000mAh (according to operation choice)

            Run Time (LED only) : ≥10hours

            Run Time (Camera only) :≥8hours

            Charging time: 5 hours

            Screen size: 1.5 "TFT LCD

            Screen resolution: 320 * 240


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