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            SERVICE HOTLINE : 86 10 83412591 ext. 8358



            Inspection Robot with Electromagnetic Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

            The Electromagnetic Ultrasonic ThicknessRobot is a small and functional device for thickness measurement and visualinspection. Without using ultrasonic couplant, it can achieve non-contactmeasurement of the thickness for metal or magnetic conductors under normal andhigh temperature. A built-in WIFI module is used to transmit real-time andaccurate measurement data to 7-inch HD LCD display. 8 motor-driven wheels and astrong magnetic adhesion system assure the robot adhesion to the surface offerromagnetic materials to travel vertically and rotate forward in 4directions. 3600 pan-table HD camera and 4 fill lights on the top ofthe robot helps to inspect the surface of a test part.


            Features and Benefits

            Compact, ergonomically designed and rugged;

            Integration of visual inspection and thickness measurement;

            WiFi communication with controller, tablet PC;

            Non-contact measurement even on rough surface without polishing treatment;

            Not sensitive to painted and coated surfaces;

            Direct measurement without using couplant to complete measurement of high                           temperaturetest part and high temperature compensation;

            Axial and radial movement on the surface of a test part.


            Technical Data


            Travel Speed:225px/s in 4 directions

            Light: 4 LEDs

            Video: 3600pan-table HD camera

            Working Temperature:-10 ~ 50

            Dimensions : 260*  75*150mm

                (excluding the height of antenna)


            Thickness Range:1.0 ~ 200.0mm


            Testing Materials:Carbon steel, cast   iron, alloy steel,  stainless steel, 

                 copper, aluminum andother conductors

            Measurement Error:± 0.05mm for a test part with thickness 

                less than 10mm; thickness> 10mm, ±(0.01 + thickness / 200) mm 

                for a test part with thickness more than 10mm

            Ultrasonic Frequency:4MHz

            Max. Distancebetween Probe and test part: 4mm 

               (can measure the thickness of a test part withinsulation coat and paint)

            Min. diameter ofTest Part: 200mm

            Sound Wave: Shearwave

            Control Unit /Display

             Screen Size: 7-inch LCD

                       Resolution: 1920*1200

                    Menu Language: SimplifiedChinese, Traditional Chinese, 

                           English, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, etc.

                    Memory: 32G TF card

                    Power Source: Lithium battery

                    Weight: 1.86kg

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