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            SERVICE HOTLINE : 86 10 83412591 ext. 8358



            Wheeled Pipeline Inspection Crawler

                    With spring connection, three motor and six wheel drive, the crawler can travel along vertical, horizontal and 90°bent pipes. The flexible body fits for pipes from DN 100 to 600mm. The system features a camera, monitor, crawler and cable. The crawler is able to carry high definition camera or additional sensors for moredetailed inspection. 


            -- Multifunctional, easy to operate, and modular design.

            -- High brightness LED lights (color temperature 6000K).

            -- Compatible with probes, and other sensors.

            -- Steerable to climb over obstacles and uneven surface.



            The crawler is designed for inspection of pipeline DN 100mm-600mm, S (100-200mm), M (200-400mm), X (400-600mm).

            3-conductor and 6-wheel drive provides a speed up to 1 to 5 m/min.

            Move along horizontal and vertical pipe, and pass through the curved pipe.

            --Camera: N series probe.


            The high-definition LCD monitor is used to control the camera’ rotation and inverts, forward and backward movement of the crawler, and focus and brightness of light through buttons. It can be connected to computer to review videos and pictures captured.

            --Cable: Up to 100meters,or optional length.


            Nuclear power plants, oil refinery, petrochemical plants, chemical plants, oil and steam lines, food and beverage processing plants, wineries, ventilation systems inspection, municipal engineering, steel smelters, aerospace industry, shipyards, navies, powerplants.

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