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            SERVICE HOTLINE : 86 10 83412591 ext. 8358



            Magnetic Wheeled Inspection Robot

            Magnetic wheeled inspection robot is designed to travel on the surface of ferromagnetic material. The structure features double motors, magnetic wheels, and multiple drive elements connected with spring. It moves inhorizontal, vertical directions, turns around, and reverses. The crawler works with HD camera and other detection sensors, and is suitable for testing of equipments where people cannot access. It can travel in pipelines with a diameter of more than 100mm. The minimum turning radius is 250mm.


            -- Designed to travel on the surface of ferromagnetic material.

            -- Six-motor driven, and moves in controllable directions.

            -- Operates with camera, and other transducers.

            -- The number of drive element can be added for high traction.

            -- Vertical pull force up to 1kg, and working distance to morethan 10 metres.

            --  Steerable to climb over obstacles, and not easy to get stuck.

            --The standard cable length is 60 meters, and the waterproof rating is IP65.


            Inspection off erromagnetic pipelines, pressure vessels, equipment, structural parts, etc. inpetrochemical, electric power, special inspection, shipbuilding, bridges,construction and other industries.

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