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            SERVICE HOTLINE : 86 10 83412591 ext. 8358



            Tank Chassis Robot Crawler


            This rugged tracked crawler is designed for inspection in limited space or harsh environment.  The system features a crawler, monitor and cable.Coupled with  HD camera and other detection sensors, the crawler is suitable for inspection andviewing in hazardous environment. They can travel forward, reverse, back and turn around, for each drive motor iscontrolled singly. The crawler uses tank chassis for better traction, and is steerable to climb over obstacles or small slopes. 


            - Compatible with the monitor and all the probes of N seriesindustrial endoscope.

            - 1080P camera, electric focus, and waterproof level up to IP65.

            - The standard cable length is 60 meters.

            - Steerable to climb over obstacles or small slopes.

            Technical Parameters

            Track size: 230 * 80 * 50 (mm).

            Walking speed: more than 100mm/s.

            Camera resolution: various types of cameras.

            Walking distance: up to 60m.

            LED lights: adjustable brightness..


                Visualinspection and non-destructive testing of equipment such as petrochemical,electric power, special inspection, shipbuilding, bridges, construction, etc.,which are inaccessible to dangerous pipelines, pressure vessels, equipment,structural parts, etc.


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