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            A Series Industrial Endoscope

            Industrial electronic endoscopes are new non-destructive testing instruments that integrate optics, precision machinery, electronic technology and camera technology in one system. It is used to detect restricted spaces that could not be reached or seen with normal NDT techniques. A series industrial endoscope has display unit and probe integrated together. The display unit, with high-resolution CCD or CMOS image sensor and LCD screen, has the capacity of viewing, storing and reviewing photos and video images. The probe is controlled by steel wire, and had LED light in the tip. The display unit is powered by rechargeable Lithium battery and a charger is included.


            Technical Data

             Probe diameter: 3.2mm / 6mm / 8mm / 11mm

             Probe articulation: 4-way articulation, ≥110 °

             Field of view: 90 °

             Depth of view: 10-100mm

             Light source: LED light, adjustable

             Camera: CCD or CMOS image sensor

             Resolution: 400000pixels or digital 1mp

             Cable length: 1-10 meters optional

             Wire: Stainless steel or tungsten braid (optional)

             Display: 5-inch or 7-inch LCD screen

             Resolution: 720 * 480/800*640

             Viewing angle: greater than 160 °

             Storage capacity: 32G

             Output media: USB port to connect the endoscope to a computer without driver

             Power source: Rechargeable lithium battery or 220V power supply

             Operating temperature: -10~50

             Work time: more than 4 hours after fully charged

             Weight: 2kg


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