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          1. 中文| EN

            SERVICE HOTLINE : 86 10 83412591 ext. 8358



            Beijing Guodian NDT Co., Ltd.is a specillised non-destructive testing company – engaging itself in research and development, production of NDT equipments and offering metal materials analysis and NDT technology services.

            The NDT products we developed include industrial endoscope, rechargeable variable-frequency magnetic detector, stainless steel oxide scale and flaw detector, alloy element analyzer, eddy current endoscope, flashlight DVR, smart flashlight, industrial testing crawing robot, etc.More than 20 products are patented and 14 software copyrights are authorized. Magnetic viewing film is known as a revolution of magnetic particle inspection in the field of non-destructive testing.

            Furthermore, the company utilizes techniques such as RT, UT, PT, MT, TOFD, ET to provide NDT service and physical and chemical analysis of metal materials for boilers, pressure vessels, pressure pipes, large storage tanks, steel and other special equipments. The company has been authorized with Inspection and Testing Institution Approval Certificate of Special Equipment of People’s Republic of China, Rating Certificate for Special Equipment Non-Destructive-Testing Inspection Agency, Grade B Qualification of Engineering Consulting Entity, National Certificate of High & New Technological Enterprise, Certificate of High & New Technological Enterprise of Zhongguancun Science Park, QES Three Management Systems Certification, and Radiation Safety Permit.

            Highly efficient and innovative technicians lay strong technical force for our company. We employ more than 200 professional technicians and engineers and many NDT specilists in power industry. More than 20 percent of the employees have doctorate or master's degree and the title of senior engineer.

            We built 2,000 square meters of development and test base and established advanced electronic mounting room, machining workshop and metal lab. The machining workshop is provided with advanced devices, such as machining center, CNC lathes, wire cutting machine and electro-discharge machines. The electronic mounting room is equipped with chip mounter, reflow soldering, wave soldering, screen printer, laser marking machine, production line, etc.

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